Sackler Brinkmann & Hughes LLC


We provide comprehensive legal, legislative and regulatory services for any client contemplating Washington, DC representation. The nation's capital is a complex and ambiguous environment which requires expertise and experience to navigate to the outcomes that will benefit your business. SBH's partners combine more than 100 years of Washington experience, informing the strategic and tactical thinking that must go into any proceeding or campaign here in Washington. When developing and executing positions, regulatory filings and more, we focus on the breadth of audiences of policy-influencers relevant to your issues, including stakeholders, government agencies, foreign governments, and the media. 

We have decades of experience in forming, building, managing and leading trade associations and coalitions, and establishing strategic alliances.  Two of our partners worked for FORTUNE 50 companies and major trade associations for many years. We have represented multiple Fortune 500 companies before the Congress, the Postal Service and other agencies, as well as small businesses and rural interests.  And, as necessary or advisable, we can provide a full range of litigation and appellate options led by Hal Hughes, former General Counsel of the Postal Service.